Battery Lantern v2

A wooden lantern with built-in flickering light, which simulates a candle. Great for lighting up that medieval feast, or camping event!

  • Cost: $25, plus tax/shipping.
  • Option: Specify top wood color; light (plenty of stock) or dark (low stock).


The exterior is constructed from LASER-cut MDF, wooden dowels, and frosted acrylic windows to simulate the glass. Cotton rope is used for the carrying handle.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, which are included. Depending on the batteries, you may get 18 hours of continuous light.

The interior of the light twists and pulls out for easy battery replacement.

An on/off switch is easily accessible on the bottom of the lantern.

The wood used for the lantern top is available in two colors; a darker brown (for which stock is low) and a lighter beige (for which there is plenty of stock). In the pictures that show both, the darker brown is on the left, and the lighter beige is on the right. All photos that show a single lantern show the lighter beige color.